CSMP Course Description

Course Description

CSMP is a flexible, dynamic and tridimensional course which involves development and enrichment of knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling an employee to perform phenomenally.

  • It helps Individuals & Organization Plan & strategize to deliver superior customer experiences to produce sustainable growth.

  • CSMP Certification is designed to meet the needs of participants as they move through their careers, it focusses on the functional skills of marketing, the marketing curriculum incorporates a high level of application-based content in recognition of the rapid evolution of the field of marketing.

  • Sales and marketing programs combine the latest thinking with hands-on experience to inspire and elevate performance along every dimension of marketing impact, from innovation and product development to effective channel design and management and creating a sales strategy focused on growing revenues and profits.

  • This learning program promises a dynamic impact on business as a whole
  • It enhances levels of motivation as candidates now feed empowered
  • Better performance, especially in the domain of sales has a direct relation to increased profits
  • Sense of ownership and responsibility is enhanced
  • For students, this certification forms the ideal bridge helping them make a transition into the corporate world.
  • It helps candidates develop a thorough understanding of sales, building the right mindset for success
  • It enhances the people skills of candidates, consisting of various competencies in the areas on communication, listening, articulation and the like.
  • CSMP helps candidates build confidence and manage their emotions effectively, ensuring a smooth negotiation and rapport building process with the clients.
  • It helps participants to become more organized and driven, by enhancing their goal setting and time management skills

Being one of the most valued skill sets, C.S.M.P specifically equips candidates in the domains of negotiation, persuasion and other effective communication skill, ultimately leading to strategy building.